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ITculate – an AIOps Monitoring Solution

Cloud management solutions have a gap. That gap is currently resolved by a human factor: the DevOps engineer.  Their understanding of how components in the system interact enables DevOps engineers to use current solutions. But as systems get larger, addressing these gaps becomes unmanageable and creates an obstacle to the growth of the business.

Using an Algorithmic IT Operations (AIOps) approach, ITculate is fixing that gap. ITculate starts by understanding the application topology and how components interact. Then, on top of that knowledge it overlays information from other sources. It is constantly analyzing that information and placing at your fingertips unique machine-driven insights and the ability to optimize the application and makes it fly. Multiple experts are no longer needed to untangle system issues and keep operations running smoothly.

Discover Architecture

Discover and track dependencies, in and between services, in real-time and agentlessly. Understand your cloud environment right now.

Monitor KPIs

Gain visibility to rolled-up metrics to the scaling-group or service level. View metrics that are stable even if resources are transient.

Create Intelligence

Get alerted on issues and remediation, with related components topology. Navigate dependencies and find correlated KPIs. 

"Topology driven dashboards is a great idea! No more sifting through an endless amount of dashboards"
Senior DevOps EngineerAdTech industry
“Now we simply explore the topology, instead of creating yet another dashboard for every situation”
Director of OperationsAnalytics SaaS company
"Before, monitoring became so complex that it forced us to make architecture compromises. With ITCulate, we no longer have these obstacles"
DevOps ManagerCloud base security SaaS solution

Discover Your Architecture

Cloud Infrastructure, discovered within minutes, agentlessley and in real-time

Your environment as you have never seen it before

View architecture based on actual communication between resources. Almost any process includes the difficult question: who is using this resource? Now you can answer that question without calling an expert, using stunning, live visualizations.

No more gathering more and more people around the conference bridge!

Cut through the complexity

Whenever resources are part of a group, manipulate them as a single object, such as an auto-scaling group, a cluster or even a service. Navigate simply by walking the different services. Drill in as needed, or follow through dependency relationships. From the big picture to the
details, understand your system and the KPIs at each level.

Rapid deployment

The discovery is agentless. Within less than 20 minutes, deploy a single small instance, provide minimal read only credentials, install the collector and start mapping your environment in real-time.

Monitor KPIs and Smart Metrics

Find the right KPIs when you need them, as the relate to the architecture

Get the metrics you need at the right level

When navigating architecture components, have access to KPIs that are relevant to them. For e.g. when looking at an Auto-Scaling Group or a Cluster, see both it’s metrics as well as rolled-up metrics of the underlying resources. Access new metrics like number of instances or even rolled up price over time!

Resources are no longer there? Not a problem!

Rolled up metrics remain available even after the original resources are gone. Now you have the tools and KPIs to investigate highly dynamic cloud environments (and avoid getting into the weeds).

Business and application level metrics

Create your own metrics with their own special units to epress your application and business level measurements. Send them over and have them roll up based on your architecture and correlated with any other KPI in the system

Leverage topology to correlate KPIs

Gain a powerful ability to correlated KPIs that are N degrees away removed. Step through the architecture and add metrics from multiple objects to the same timeline.

Create Intelligence

Empower your team. Everyone can be an expert!

New type of insights

Get alerted on issues, possible remediation, optimization or savings – unique to your application and based on your architecture and metrics. Investigate issues starting from a context of all relevant components and their dependencies.

No more dashboards

Navigate the live topology by steping through the relationships between components to identify correlated metrics, even if they are indirectly related. Drill in to the group level and work at a level that shows only the details you need. Once identified interesting topology and related metrics, simply save the layout or share with another team member to collaborate.

Everyone can be an expert

Empower your team with expert level knowledge that was previously locked in the minds of a few experts. Allow both Dev or Ops to understand and possibly resolve issues before calling in more people.

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