There are a number solutions on the market that provide cost management for IT. Many of these solutions are aimed at the CFO or the financial group and do a good job for the needs of these users. However, at the end of the day the DevOps are the ones that have access to all the levers and uses them to implement changes. Every DevOps decision has cost implications and some can be very significant. When asking DevOps if they are using any of the current cost management solutions the answer is always no. However they all thinks that this information is interesting. They want to do real-time cost management.

Current solution are not targeting the needs of the DevOps team

The DevOps team have different needs than the financial group. One of the most important things is that they need quick feedback. They need to know what the implications of a change are. This information should be available after a change or even before a change. They also need to know when costs changed dramatically. They need to know that within minutes to hours, not at the end of the month, and before a lot of money was wasted.

A typical story (and how Real-Time cost management can save you)

Looking at ITculate, we can see the story unfold looking at the events screen. The team deployed a new version and that led to the CPU spiking to 100%. A member of the team tried to address the spiking CPU by changing the instance type from m4.large to m4.2xlarge. The result was a lower CPU consumption, but a dramatically higher cost. This was a typical “reflex response” of throwing more resources at the problem.

ITculate provided an alert at that time to indicate that a price have dramatically changed. The team realized that the work was not done. The new version consumed too much CPU as a result of a sub-optimal code.

The team deployed a new version of code to improve CPU consumption, and after verifying that the CPU consumption improved, the team reduced the number of resources. The new version got the price back to normal, as it was before the initial change.


The actual power to manage costs effectively is in the hands of the DevOps team. They need tools that enable them to do that effectively. Not having the right tools can lead to half solutions that end up with less accountability and solving problems using more resources. ITculate provides capabilities that are addressing specific DevOps cost management use cases. In future posts we will cover additional use cases related to cost management.


About ITculate provides a solution for DevOps environments. ITculate’s solution maps the relationships between objects and services in a near real-time fashion, and collect key and custom metrics (all this – agentlessly). The solution automatically understands and provides higher level of abstraction at the application architecture level. Through these relationships and application model, ITculate provide the user with a context to the data. Overlaying the application model with information from other sources such as performance, availability, cost and security, allows ITculate to create unprecedented insights. Please check us out at to learn more!

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