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Documentation Overview

Thank you for choosing to use ITculate. If you run into issues during any of the following steps, please contact us – we would like to make sure that you are successful!

Here are the required steps to start using the product:

  1. Install – Quick Start: the most simple way to install and start using the product within 15-25 min. Start here.
  2. Collectors Overview: If you are interested in an overview on the collector technology, how and what data is collected and sent, please check the overview and the data flow sections. This step is optional – you can always review them later.
  3. Smart Metrics: ITculate provides additional metrics beyond the ones collected directly. This section describes these metrics.
  4. API: Documents the available APIs. This is the starting point to any integration efforts.
  5. Knowledge Base: Searchable set of solutions that are collected and updated by our team.