Stop Throwing Money At The Problem

There are a number solutions on the market that provide cost management for IT. Many of these solutions are aimed at the CFO or the financial group and do a good job for the needs of these users. However, at … Continue Reading

The cost of SELECT * (MongoDB example)

In our previous post Optimizing your AWS Availability-Zone Architecture  we saw how a configuration change saved 60% ($8,000 / month) and reduce latencies from 20ms to 1ms In this post we will show  how a simple change in the code … Continue Reading

Who is accessing your Elastic File System (EFS)?

In this post we review how to understand and visualize who is accessing your EFS, and how to use it for troubleshooting, cost allocation and system design. What is Elastic File System (EFS)? Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) provides … Continue Reading

Optimizing your AWS Availability-Zone Architecture, Cassandra Example

In a previous post (Availability-Zone Visibility) we explained how to make sure that your application has the right Availability-Zone strategy and prevent down time. We believe that budget is just another resource that goes through engineering trade-offs just like performance, capacity and others … Continue Reading

AWS Cost Saving: Show Me The Money.

AWS Cost Saving: We can do much more than just Reserved Instances.   There are many tools that will help you to view the overall status of your AWS costs,  some of them (like AWS Cost Explorer) will help you … Continue Reading