How to Monitor Microservices – Part 2: Mapping Microservice Relationships

In the previous post (part 1) we have covered how visualizing microservices is very useful when monitoring an environment with Microservices.  This post will look at a number of practical ways of understanding the relationships within and between services in the environment, … Continue Reading

Cloud Provisioning with Salt: how to dynamically start resources and make them interconnect

When orchestrating, there is a chicken and egg problem: we would like to start instances, place applications on them and have them be aware of each other. The problem is that during the process, not all resources and applications are … Continue Reading

Ansible vs Terraform vs Salt

Last week I attended the Boston DevOps meetup.  The turnout was impressive and the audience was engaged, asking interesting in-depth questions. The event took place at the Aqcuia office in Boston. It is a modern, spacious and comfortable space. Kudos for hosting the … Continue Reading